When it comes to bush walks near the Lodge, you’re spoilt for choice. One of our personal favourites has to be the Werri to Kiama lighthouse hike. Starting at the southern end of the beach, a short walk from the Lodge, it’s around 12 kms to get there, with stunning views of waterfront reserves, bays and beaches along the way.

Once you get to Kiama, there’s plenty to see and do. The area’s biggest attraction is, if you didn’t already know, the Kiama blowhole. It’s the largest in the country and spews water fifty metres into the air when the waves crash with force into the caves below. Along this walk, at 1km intervals, are information posts providing fascinating insights about the area, its wildlife, and unique geology.

Seven Mile Beach also has some excellent walking. Set against a backdrop of unspoilt littoral rainforest, you can simply stroll along the beach. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, head a short way into the bush, and walk along the inland track. Packed with indigenous wildlife, and showcasing an unspoilt dune, and wetland ecosystem, Seven Mile Beach is an outstanding place of natural beauty, and in our opinion it’s worth exploring every inch.

And yet this is hardly where the story ends. In every direction from Chittick Lodge there are treks galore. A quick, off the cuff checklist might include: the fabulous Minnamurra Falls (Illawarra) walk, with its elevated walkway and paved tracks taking you through rainforest canopy, canyons, and onto the majestic falls themselves.

Drawing Room Rocks in the Barren Grounds Nature Reserve where the track climbs an ear-popping 600m bringing you to the mythic spot where the elements have fashioned seats and tables fit for giants from the peaks; or Saddleback Mountain, a collapsed volcano delivering, from the lookout platform at the summit, some of the most spectacular sea, hill, and valley views anywhere in the Kiama region.