If it’s diving your after, Shellharbour and Bass Point just north of here are waiting to share with you a wealth of underwater curiosities, both natural and manmade. This heritage listed reserve plays host to a staggering array of sea life, from the neon blue and yellow coloured Eastern Blue Devil, to the Pygmy Pipehorse.

Submerged for more than 70 years, the Cities Service Boston, a 9,000 ton tanker sunk during world war two while searching the area for Japanese submarines today makes for a fascinating dive where the vessel can be seen. Shellharbour Scuba Centre provides the whole gamut of PADI underwater diving courses, and can take those that want to see to this place, which cost four intrepid Australians their lives during a rescue mission in which all of those aboard were saved.

Then, not far from Shellharbour there’s Bushrangers Bay, which benefits from having excellent shelter and is therefore a perfect spot for a little leisurely snorkelling. There are plenty of caves in the area, and when the sea is calm boxfish, moray eels, sea dragons, horned sharks, wobbegongs and the endangered grey nurse sharks can be seen.

Also, just down the road, we have the famous Seven Mile Beach at Gerroa, which offers easy snorkelling sheltered from summer breezes.