Illawarra Fly

It took six men six months to build the Illawarra fly. The result? Your opportunity to soar along the highest zip wire in the county. Here you’ll also find the Treetops Walk, a 1.5km elevated trail that meanders through the rainforest canopy and delivers a bird’s eye view of the richly dense flora and fauna below.

From cloud station to cloud station, navigating by ropes and bridges, you’ll get to walk up to 45m above ground level, and 700 metres above sea level, enjoying panoramic views in every direction.

For more intrepid visitors, there’s also an afterdark treetop tour, ideal for seeing some of the area’s more elusive nocturnal animals. All of this is just a half hour drive from the Lodge. It’s all at their website

Trees Adventure

If you want to get even more daring, how about a tree ropes and zip-lining experience? The tree top adventure park in Nowra offers exciting and challenging obstacle courses high up in the tree canopy, flying through the air on flying foxes and scrambling along the rock face.

You need to book in advance for an aerial session, and the sessions include some training, so put aside a morning or afternoon. The park is located inside the grounds of Shoalhaven Zoo, so for an extra fee for a zoo visit, your day is complete. Learn more at their website