Welcome To Chittick Lodge

Chittick Lodge is comfortable, affordable accommodation for medium to large groups keen to explore Gerringong and its surrounding areas. From Kiama to Jervis Bay lie unspoilt golden beaches, verdant escarpments, and indigenous littoral forests that combine to form a place of breathtaking beauty, and international significance. Fortunately for us—and for you, should you decide to stay here—Chittick Lodge sits right at the heart of all this.

As you’ll quickly discover when you look around the site, there is so much to see and do. And this is just one of the reasons people return to the Lodge year after year. Another is the warm welcome they get when they arrive.

When we ask our guests what they like most about staying here, one of the things they often mention is the incredible sense of openness and freedom they feel. They talk about the cliff walks with their inspiring views and fascinating geology, and they enthuse about the great surf at nearby Werri and Seven Mile beaches.

But most of all they talk about how rewarding it is to spend quality time with other people: to talk, to laugh, share feelings and experiences; to cook, eat, and drink together; and above all to have the chance to ease out of the fast lane and slip into an easier pace of life—in other words to simply be.

From this perspective, therefore, the Lodge isn’t just a place to stay, it’s a place to have fun and bond with others, it’s a place to reflect and grow, and a place to move closer to the things in life that really matter.

So come and visit us, and check out the place to see if it meets your group needs. Chat to the staff, and and find out why Chittick Lodge continues to be the destination of choice for dozens of school, art, climbing, bushwalking and diving groups; and why it’s also top of the list for Church camps, study groups and retreats for all ages.

With the capacity to accommodate up to 100 guests, there’s nowhere else in the area, which boast the size and scope of Chittick Lodge. So if it’s peace of mind you want, knowing everyone in your group will be kept safely together in one place, not scattered across different locations, don’t hesitate — get in touch today .